An asset to your project

Aerco has been designing and programing controls since 1969, as well as installing them and servicing the HVAC, refrigeration and lighting systems they regulate.  We will provide:

  • Proper installations with no call-backs
  • Project completion on time and in coordination with other sub-trades
  • Correct commissioning and full documentation

By way of example, Aerco was brought in to do the building automation for a condominium project that used geothermal heating and cooling.  The original spec for the system was causing cost and time of completion problems for the contractor and the owner.  Aerco helped the mechanical contractor refine the system design to better meet the owner’s needs and, in the process, cut the cost to the contractor by over 75%.

As the job progressed, the local supplier of the mechanical equipment was unable to properly commission it.  Aerco stepped in and worked with the manufacturer to get the commissioning completed on time. Demonstrating again Aerco’s commitment to getting the last 5% of any job completed.

Call us today to find out how Aerco can contribute to your project.