Commercial Building


Case Study: HY Louie, Burnaby

The temperatures in H.Y. Louie’s head office were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It was causing real comfort issues. Their incumbent service provider’s proposed solution was to add more HVAC units. This would have incurred large capital costs and dramatically increased energy and maintenance costs.

Aerco was invited to assess the three-story building. We diagnosed that the existing HVAC units were adequate but that the air distribution system was not getting the conditioned air to where it needed to go. Aerco simply added more supply and return outlets and rebalanced the system. Result: Comfortable building occupants and no increase in operating costs.

Based on the sheer volume of systems that Aerco has designed, installed and serviced since 1969, we’ve seen it all. You can rely on us to deliver the right cost-effective solutions for your mechanical systems on time and on budget.

We are well-versed in finding ways to work with your existing equipment and building set-up. And the disruption to your day to day business will be kept to a minimum.

Permits and code issues will be handled professionally with our P Eng on staff. Any equipment warranty issues will be dealt with by our 24-hour service team.

If you’d like to know the energy efficient options, we can talk you through the range of choices. LEED projects are welcomed.