Aerco’s Program: EnerSave

Aerco makes energy management for your building easy.

We will identify small and large energy savings projects without interrupting the daily business, navigate the myriad of energy management regulations for your building, and make it cost effective.

There are three simple steps to EnerSave:

Step 1: Benchmark

An analysis of your utility bills using Energy Star guidelines to demonstrate how your energy use measures up against other similar buildings.

Step 2: Assess

A Certified Energy Manager completes a comprehensive survey of your building’s systems to identify ways to improve operational efficiencies.  Within the first few weeks, Aerco provides no and low cost solutions that create, on average, 10-30% savings on your next utility bill.

Step 3: Plan

Recommendations of services and/or capital projects to further improve efficiencies and savings are provided based on quarterly reviews of the assessments.  These can often be financed with savings from the no and low-cost solutions identified in Step Two.

Call us today to start with the complimentary ENERGY STAR Benchmark step.