Inspirations in Building Efficiency

Aerco has been in the energy management business since the early 1970s… even before there was a name for it.

In that era of cheap energy, energy savings measures were a tough sell.  Still, we made a business case for incorporating them into our designs and proposals to our customers.  It has always been and continues to be Aerco’s underlying commitment to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. With the rising threats and costs to our security, economy, health and environment, we all know something has to change.

Thankfully, the building energy efficiency revolution is happening, despite the barriers. Many new and existing tested technologies are creating business opportunities. Strong new industries are gearing up to install cost-efficient energy solutions.

One of the thought leaders in this revolution is the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).  Reinventing Fire , the book by RMI’s founderAmory Lovins, is most inspiring and the four-minute video on efficient buildings is one to watch.

As outlined in the book’s preface… read more