Preventative Maintenance

Better buildings with predictable costs


What kinds of service agreements are there?

There are many different kinds of service agreements but they fall into three good/better/best categories:

GOOD: Preventative Maintenance – regular filter changes (frequency depending on equipment and location), Spring inspection of all cooling systems, Fall inspection of heating systems

BETTER: Comprehensive Maintenance – Preventative Maintenance as above PLUS annual cleaning of all coils

BEST: Full Maintenance – Comprehensive Maintenance as above PLUS all parts and labour for any equipment repairs.

Aerco’s Full Maintenance contract is the perfect choice for property owners/managers looking to dramatically reduce time spent managing buildings. Benefits include:

  • Predictable costs with no extra charge for repairs or over-time calls. This reduces the hassle of getting quotes and council approval for expenditures each time.
  • Guaranteed preferred service and quick emergency response. We’re available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
  • Proper installation of quality parts that meet warranty requirements and ensure equipment is reliable and lasts longer. This reduces trouble calls from strata councils.
  • Energy management expertise and insight. This reduces utility bills.

Excluded from the Full Maintenance contract are electrical equipment upstream of equipment disconnect switches, piping, ductwork, and impellers of any city water booster pumps.