Case Study: McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s started as a service customer of Aerco’s in 1971.  Our relationship continues today because we work together to do what is best for the success of their business.  Early on, we identified a way to significantly reduce their capital costs by designing a custom control system that eliminated their need for make-up air. Our robust, effective control panel, using Aerco’s Auto Air Balance, can be easily serviced by technicians across Canada with parts that can be sourced even in small towns.

Based on the sheer volume of restaurant systems that Aerco has designed, installed and serviced since 1969, we’ve seen it all.

You can rely on us to deliver the right cost-effective solutions for your systems on time and on budget.  We are well-versed in finding ways to work with your existing equipment and building set-up.  And the disruption to your day to day operations will be kept to a minimum.  We’ve worked many off-hours to install equipment while the restaurant is closed because we respect that every plate counts the next day.

Permits and code issues will be handled professionally with our professional engineer on staff.  Any equipment warranty issues will be dealt with by our 24-hour service team.

Did you know that restaurants are the highest consumer of energy per square meter of any industry? If your utilities are more than 6% of your operating costs, we can talk you through your range of energy efficient options.