Don’t let kitchen exhaust throw profits to the wind

Aerco’s VariSpeed™ is a demand control ventilation system that automatically senses what the cooking load is in your kitchen and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. It increases or decreases the fan speed according to your actual ventilation needs.

Without VariSpeed™, most kitchen exhaust systems are unnecessarily exhausting 100% of their maximum capacity all the time. And you are paying for the energy that requires.

Here are a few examples of our customers who have had tremendous success:

  • Boston Pizza in Sarnia, ON – Savings on average exceed $5,000/store/year
  • Swiss Chalet in Alliston, ON – Demand ventilation control reduced the restaurant’s total exhaust airflow (and calculated cost) by 28%, with an associated reduction in fan power (and calculated cost) of 40%. Read more...  
  • Earls – VariSpeed is in use at every Earls location in Western Canada

Project savings from Boston Pizza – Sarnia Ontario, January 2005

Benefits of VariSpeed™

  1. Saves money
  2. Reduces noise in the kitchen
  3. Reduces wear on the HVAC equipment thereby extending belt life and time between make-up air filter changes
  4. Reduces the amount of grease coating the ductwork and the roof
  5. Achieves maximum efficiency and customer comfort