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Case Study: London Drugs Park Royal, West Vancouver

London Drugs has been an Aerco customer since 1976.  When the time came to upgrade the building management system for the HVAC and lighting in their West Vancouver store, Aerco worked hard to ensure that the business could stay open and that customers and employees would be comfortable.  Having completed similar control renovations in the Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, and North Vancouver locations, Aerco technicians knew that the best solution was to take all the HVAC units off line and run them on temporary thermostats for the month-long project.

The project is complete and the store manager is thrilled, sharing in a news release that the new system has allowed them to reduce their carbon footprint.  Lighting and temperature controls are now automated, removing the element of human error.  And, with Aerco’s remote monitoring now in place, when an issue does arise it can be dealt with efficiently, often reducing the number of times a technician needs to attend the store.

Based on the sheer volume of systems that Aerco has designed, installed and serviced since 1969, we’ve seen it all.

You can rely on us to deliver the right cost-effective solutions for your mechanical systems on time and on budget.  We are well-versed in finding ways to work with your existing equipment and building set-up.  And the disruption to your day to day business will be kept to a minimum.  We know how important it is to keep sales going.

Permits and code issues will be handled professionally with our professional engineer on staff.  Any equipment warranty issues will be dealt with by our 24-hour service team.

If you’re interested in your energy efficient options, we can talk you through the range of choices.  LEED projects are welcomed.