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Aerco’s Shockguard™ makes your facility a comfortable and consistent temperature, even when it’s cold outside. It warms the outside fresh air coming in to your facility before releasing it into general circulation.

Without Shockguard™, you will experience uncomfortable cold pockets in the room; wild cycling of the heating system if one of those cold pockets surrounds the thermostat; and condensation where the cold air pockets hit warmer, moist air. This is called shock cooling.

Shock cooling occurs on cold days when your mechanical system is bringing fresh air into your space. Usually, the fresh air is being heated based on a thermostat in the zone being served. When that thermostat gets to its set point, it turns off the heat system. However, fresh air is still being blown into the room to meet fresh air requirements. If this fresh air is cold (< -5º C) then that cold, dense air will fall straight from the diffusers in the ceiling to the floor.

Aerco’s Shockguard™ eliminates shock cooling by automatically controlling the heating system so that if the outside air is cold, it will keep heating the fresh air no matter what the thermostat says.

Shockguard™ is easily retrofit to existing HVAC systems.

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CAD drawings and specs available upon request.