HVAC, Refrigeration & Lighting Service

Comfort and Reliability

The temperatures in H.Y. Louie’s head office were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It was causing real comfort issues. Their incumbent service provider’s proposed solution was to add more HVAC units. This would have incurred large capital costs and dramatically increased energy and maintenance costs.

Aerco was invited to assess the three-story building. We diagnosed that the existing HVAC units were adequate but that the air distribution system was not getting the conditioned air to where it needed to go. Aerco simply added more supply and return outlets and rebalanced the system.

Result: Comfortable building occupants and no increase in operating costs.

Aerco has been in the HVAC and refrigeration service business in Canada since 1969.

We know you are looking for:

  • Comfort for customers and employees
    Good indoor air quality, temperature and lighting make for increased sales as well as improved employee retention and productivity.
  • Service for building systems with a low life-cycle cost
    We find the service/maintenance program that is right for your building and your budget. Check out our hints on how to save money on service calls, and the option of a Full Maintenance Contract for cost certainty and simplicity.
  • A service partner to trust in an emergency
    When you call our dispatch line, open 24/7/365, you will speak immediately to a person, not a machine.  They will work with you to assess the best options considering cost and the urgency of the situation.