Energy Management

Case Study: Earls Kitchen + Bar Restaurants

Aerco was originally engaged in a service contract for one Earls location when their mechanical consultant asked us to design a more efficient make-up air and exhaust system. The owners were interested in energy savings. The first prototype demand control ventilation system was installed in 2001.  To date, our technicians have designed, installed and commissioned this critical equipment in more than 53 Earls kitchens across North America.

Did you know that restaurants are the highest consumer of energy per square meter as compared to all other buildings? If your utility bills are more than 6% of your operating costs, Aerco can recommend some no and low cost energy management solutions to help you reduce your expenses almost immediately.  We’ll work with you, accommodating your kitchen schedule, to maximize current technologies, like VariSpeed and others and to minimize your costs.

Call Aerco today to start realizing the benefits of efficiencies in your restaurant:

  • Reduced energy use and costs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Enhanced building value, and
  • Improved productivity and sales, recruitment and retention.